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September Sermon Series:

The Word behind the words of our Bibles challenges us. As Christians, we don’t just read the Scriptures and then leave it there. We are to take the life, love, and spirit of those precious words and carry them beyond the walls of our Churches. The reality is, God has much to say (and none of it complimentary) about those who claim to know God, but do nothing to allow that to change their relationship with others. We are challenged to live the values of what Jesus called “The Kingdom of God.”  When we pray “Your kingdom come, Your will be done,” we aren’t making a passive statement about God’s power. Rather, we’re making a pledge to be the change – to share the Gospel – in all that we say and do.
Our September sermon series – “UnKnown” – is a chance for us to slow down and attempt to gain a greater understanding of some of the people and situations that Western Christianity is too often ignorant of, or intentionally overlooks. As we grow in this knowledge and understanding, the Word behind the words of Scripture will equip us with love and compassion for those we previously may know have known.
I’m excited to share the Minnetonka pulpit with guest speakers from a variety of fields who will inform us  about some of the unknown ministry opportunities around us.

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October/November Sermon Series